Landlord Investors

***Attention Columbus Landlord and Rehab Cash Fast Close Investors:

At any given time, we have inventory of turnkey, rented and/or wholesale rehab type of single houses in and around Columbus Ohio for sale.

This is only to all cash and experienced landlord, rehab and wholesale cash buyers.

Send a contact request through this  site and let us know the exact type of investment property you seek, what side of town you buy, what your purchase price range is versus the amount of renovation you are willing and able to do.

Let me know the type of investment house you want, the side of town where you want it and the all in dollar amount (after fix up cost, etc) you need to be into.

It would also be helpful to know your investment strategy so I can better understand the exact type of investment house you seek.

Generally, we sell our investment houses to cash investor buyers one at a time.  There is a lot of chatter about buying a lot of houses at once but we operate under the, ‘let’s see how it goes first’ theory.

One house at a time until a track record can be established.

Because, it’s not just you deciding whether you enjoy doing business with us.  It goes for all parties concerned.

Buying and selling investment real estate can be simple and hassle-free but it can also be a major pain in the you know what.

We have hundreds of completed transactions under our belts and plan to continue to be an active buyer, rehabber, landlord, improver of neighborhoods and seller of investment real estate in and around Columbus Ohio for a long time to come.

Hit us up.  You’ll see.